Monday, April 11, 2011


Last Friday we went to see our first Australian rules football game. More commonly known as AFL.

Australia did a really good job when they planned their cities so all we had to do was hop on a train and we were at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. [That's one of the stadiums that houses AFL. As the name says, it's also home to Cricket.] The MCG is amazing. It fits just under 100,000 people. That's a lot of people.

Outside the MCG.
This game was kind of a big deal [cross town rivalries and all] so we were a little nervous about actually getting tickets. We managed and got general admission. [I'm not really sure what the difference between the tickets is, but I guess there is one.]

Those are their excited faces.

That's mine.

To get to general admission you have to go up a ton of escalators. Once we arrived, the ticket takers basically said, 'you're crazy. there aren't any seats left.' We were unhappy and confused. After all, we had just bought tickets. That equals a seat, right?? Wrong.

We decided to outsmart the ticket takers. Instead of asking where our seat was, we just walked right past and made our own seats. They were pretty awesome seats and had a great view.

I wish you could really tell how huge that field is.

Our awesome seats only lasted until someone with a seat number on their ticket showed up. After we got pushed aside, we had to go to the standing only zone.

I managed to sneak past another ticket taker to an unclaimed seat after half time.

The game was really fun!! The team we barracked for lost, but that's ok.

Remember how I said the MCG holds just under 100,000 people??

This is what it looks like when all of those people are trying to catch the same train.

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