Monday, January 24, 2011

Countdown Oops

Um... I skipped yesterday. Sorry. Honestly it's better this way. That means you get two pictures today.

We'll start with what would have been yesterday's picture.

It's actually two pictures.

Chris and I took these pictures last winter at his family's cabin in Cascade. I picked these because we are saying 'Goodbye!!' to winter [with a capital G]. When we arrive in Melbourne it will be the heart of summer. Ahh.... warm weather. I can't wait. The best part? Even though Australia's fall and winter will be just around the corner, it doesn't get below forty-something in Melbourne. Compared to the teens and twenties that we're getting used to, that is bliss!

Now we can get back to today.

A few weeks after we get settled we have the opportunity to go on a 3 day beach excursion. We'll get to do things like surfing [except for me, the non-swimmer], hiking, and sight seeing around the beautiful Great Ocean Road. That includes visiting The Twelve Apostles and staying in the amazing town of Lorne.

Today's picture - Lorne!

Unreal, huh?

The semi-lame part about this trip is that we will still be in the Pacific Ocean.

But, my guess is that this part of the Pacific is much warmer than the water we're used to.

On a different note, when you google Lorne the first image that comes up is this....

Hilarious? Yes. Australia? No.

Wow, you got tons of pictures today. What lucky ducks.

Until tomorrow!!!


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