Saturday, January 22, 2011

Counting Down

Today I chose this picture.

Please ignore the 80's-esque attire.

I mostly chose this picture because today I realized that Chris and I have yet to pack, organize our house, or do anything remotely close to getting ready to leave.

Hopefully our lack of organization will not lead us to look like this, minus two people.

But really, how do you pack for a trip that lasts six months? I mean, really, that's a long time. Not to mention the fact that we will be there for at least two seasons. [If I were going alone, this would be fine. I would pack nothing but my toothbrush. However, Chris is not interested in buying a completely new wardrobe.]
Well, here's to planning. Or organizing. Or something. How about packing? Yes, here's to packing!!


  1. I, for one, hope that you look like this when you arrive. I think you'll make interesting friends. =) P.s. this is Victoria. Blogger hates me and won't let my photo or my name show up. This is ritarded. Yes. ritard.

  2. Oh so nowwww my picture and name show up. Well, your little anonymous follower is me.