Monday, March 28, 2011

Australian Mexican

Ya know how the U.S. has Taco Bell?

Well, Australia has Taco Bill.

When we first arrived in Melbourne, our driver told us about Taco Bill. He said that, essentially, Taco Bill is a sit-down version of Taco Bell [with better food]. Naturally, being the Taco Bell connoisseurs that we are, visiting Taco Bill became a must [we're not actually Taco Bell connoisseurs, but we do love Mexican food, which Taco Bell is not].

So, last night it happened, we went to Taco Bill.

The night started with chips, salsa, and a strawberry margarita.

This is where you might notice that the chips were served in a bowl the size of a salsa bowl and the salsa was served in a bowl the size of a butter bowl [even though there were six of us!]. And then they were done. [No such thing as a free refill in Australia. Not even on chips in a Mexican restaurant.]

While perusing the menu I came across this:

and this:

Oh really, Bill? Mexican food isn't spicy.
Why don't we ask Mexico how they feel about that statement.

Finally we ordered our comida.

It wasn't amazing.
It wasn't too disgusting either.
Maybe I'm just a little too picky about my Mexican food.

I suppose if it's just like Taco Bell but has better food and a different environment, it's nothing like Taco Bell at all. [It's not anything like American Mexican food either, but we all have our tastes.]

Mediocre food at a high price, but a beuna noche con amigos.

Also, if nothing else, Taco Bill was a beautiful distraction from this:

a night of homework.

Hasta luego.


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  2. haha that girl comments the same on everyone's page, therefore in two weeks she has like 300 followers.

    anyway. I can't believe how behind I am! You two are doing so many cool things! Jealous!