Saturday, March 19, 2011

La La Life

What's that? You're wondering where we've been?

Well, I'll tell you...

The beginning of the week was school.
Yada, yada - boring, boring.

Thursday was St. Patty's Day and green was the theme. [Obviously.]



Apparently Australians aren't really into St. Pat.
Stores were not decked out in clovers and leprechauns.
In fact it was impossible to find a green shirt, green beads, clover stickers, or anything green. There weren't even swarms of people in green at the places I'm accustomed to seeing them.

When we finally found some green it was exchange students like us or other Uni kids embracing the holiday for green alcohol.

Despite the differences, St. Patrick's Day was definitely fun.
How was your's?

Let's get to the weekend.
First, some back story.

In Boise, Chris and most of his family are in a car club known as the Treasure Valley Model A's. It's also part of MAFCA [Model A Ford Club of America.]
Well, there is also a club in Australia. [MAFSA]
Basically; Chris knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy that invited us to go on a run here in Victoria.

We got up really early on Saturday to take a tram and three trains to meet the man we know through a trillion degrees of separation.
He didn't show up.

BUT, we were in a pretty cool town [with a beach] that we had never been to.

Even though we got up early to do something we didn't do, it was still fun to be somewhere new.
Also, I'm pretty positive that's not the last time we'll see the man we didn't actually see.

After we came home we were talked into going somewhere for $4 pizza. [$4, not a lot of convincing was needed.]

We met heaps of people from all over the world and stayed up way too late.
After all, we're in Australia. We do what we want, right?

Now it's Sunday and we're back to school in the morning.

I guess I should get going on my homework, huh?

Have a beautiful week!

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