Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Honey Chicken

It's been about.... forever, huh?

Today is June 8th, we're leaving on June 28th. That means we have 20 whole days left in the city of Melbourne. Well, in all of Australia actually.

This week is full of final papers and next week is full of final exams. Everyone is busy and a little stressed. The worst part is that when school is over, we'll have one more week in Australia.

Only one more week!!!!

I'm more than excited to go home to family, friends, a job, and summer. But, I'm beyond bummed to have to leave this amazing place.

Everyday, after we've stressed about assignments until our brains explode, we think about all the things we have yet to do and the things we have to do just one more time.

Today, we went to the supermarket. [Because we needed to get stuff for Chicken Parmas.]

Something that we do about once out of every 10 times we go to the supermarket is get take away Chinese.

This place
has the most amazing Honey Chicken you will ever eat.

Just look at it.
Ok, so it might not look that appetizing, but it's delicious. So delicious that we fork out $9.

[On a side note, the lady that works at Eastern Dragon is obsessed with us. She speaks horrible English, thinks we're from California, and wants to give us the recipe for her chicken so we can sell it in America.]

Anyway, today is probably the last time we'll ever eat that Honey Chicken.
We're coming up on the last time we'll do a lot of things while we're here.
So, so bittersweet.

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