Sunday, June 12, 2011

A whole year later.

Well, today was the big one year anniversary!!
[When do we stop being considered Newlyweds??]

We did lots of exciting things and got up way too early. [Now, the plan is to hop into bed with a few episodes of The IT crowd. [You should definitely check out that series. Hilarious.]]

But first, a re-cap.

We spent tons of time in the city! We went to a mall that we have never seen, [Chris even liked it.], went to the Docklands, [I’m pretty sure I got sunburned there], wandered around the city some more, had dinner, and then went to St. Kilda beach to visit the penguins. [Uh huh, I said penguins.] We're going to try and spend every June 12th on a beach. [Even if it's the crummy beach of the man made lake near our house.]
A tree I befriended at the Docklands.
When we got home one of our housemates wrote this on our chalkboard. It's in French so we had him translate it. I cried. Don't worry, the picture is meant to be the author of the poem, not Chris.

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