Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've been meaning to mention that everyday, out our bedroom window, I get to stare at the most beautiful orange tree.
That's right, I said orange tree. [When we first got here, I thought it was a lemon tree. When the fruit didn't change colour, I decided it was a lime tree. After cracking a 'lime' open and seeing it's orange insides, I came to the conclusion that these babies were oranges. About a day later the skins started to turn orange, too.]

I'll remind you one more time that right now, on June 11th, it's Winter. And my orange tree has just reached it's prime. No big deal.

This bad boy resides in our backyard, too.

Speaking of oranges, I'm starting to get pretty sick of Fanta. [You know, the orange flavoured soda.] Pretty soon I'll be able to basque in some glory that is Dr. Pepper. Or maybe I'll just enjoy a nice Orangina.

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