Friday, February 4, 2011

ATTN: Care Package Needed

We need some America asap.

If only we had:

Dr. Pepper.

Good Band-Aids. The kind that don't come off no matter what.

An antacid. [Preferably Tums.]

A better power converter. [This Wal-Mart one is just not cutting it.]

Corn dogs.

Hot dogs.

Red Robin.

Cheap meat. [One sandwich's worth is 5 bucks here. But the cheese is cheap, so I guess it evens out.]

Cheap fruit.

Cheap food in general.

Ok anything cheap.

How about a Wal-Mart? We hate those in the U.S. but I would be cool with one here.

If you're interested, our address is:
334 Burwood Highway
Burwood, Victoria 3125

Or maybe you can just send us a post card. It's only 98 cents. Of course, that's only if you're interested. =)


  1. Buck up! You're there to learn something, so jump into the culture with both feet. You'll have plenty of time to waste your money at Walmart when you get back (not good strategy, in my mind, but that's your choice).

    Enjoying reading of your trip. Have fun.

  2. haha. That's almost exactly what our landlord said too. We're working on it, I promise!