Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life's a Beach


The weather has been so beautiful lately that we can't help but go to the beach everyday. [If you were us, you would too.]

[Beach aerobics.]

While the beach is sweet as [my attempt at Aussie slang], we did get something important done: registration.

We applied for all of our classes from home last fall but found out the timetable during registration. I also wanted to change a course so that is where it happened. So far I have class from 8am-4pm on Mon and 12pm-2pm on Tues. [I'm still waiting to hear about one course, it will hopefully be on Tues.] Chris has kind of a junky schedule with class everyday. He might try to change some things around so that we'll have more time to travel on the weekends.

Tomorrow there is a barbie put on by our landlord. All the houses she owns [about 30] are supposed to be there. That will be a good time to meet anyone that didn't come along to Lorne.

I suppose we'll see what's next.

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