Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Horrible Horrible Day

Something happened yesterday.

It's pretty awful so brace yourself.

I dropped my camera into the ocean.

Extreme, right?

It kind of makes me want to cry.

The camera turns on, but the zoom doesn't work and neither do any of the other functions. It can still take a picture. Without zooming and a flash it won't take very many pictures. And it's stuck in macro mode.

I bought my beautiful blue camera in March of 2007. So that was almost 4 years ago.

I'm kind of surprised it has lasted that long.

My camera was the perfect size for my purse or pocket. [pocket = falling into the ocean.]

Nevertheless, we're a little bit screwed now.

Be sad with me.

R.I.P. my beautiful blue camera.


  1. That's not good news!

    If it is really dead, and you have nothing to lose, you could try cleaning it with water. Salt water is very corrosive, and the residue will continue to corrode if left sitting there. De-ionized water would be best. Take the battery, the disk, anything else out that you can, and then with a paper towel or some lint-free towel, dampened with the clean water, just try wiping everything you can see. With your breath, blow out anything you can see. Let everything dry before you put the battery etc back in.

    Of course, if it's an expensive camera, then you should take it to a shop for cleaning (or at least an estimate).