Thursday, February 3, 2011


Some things in Australia are exactly the same as in the U.S. Other things are completely different. Here's a little comparing and contrasting.




Hungry Jack's [Burger King]

7-Eleven [No joke. They're on every corner, at least!]



Cuban tobacco


Iced Coffee [yes please.]
Cereal [kind of]

Which side is the right side?

Everyone has an iPhone. [Except us.]

Palm trees.

Honestly though, it's pretty awesome here. The city is gorgeous. It's completely modern, but still retains so many historic buildings. Where ever you see a sky scraper there is at least one Gothic building in your line of sight too. Also, everyone here is completely posh, and I mean everyone. [We obviously stick out pretty well.] We even saw a homeless man wearing a suit. It makes you wonder where the runway that everyone just stepped off went to. [When we find jobs and become rich we might consider becoming posh too. Might.] Something really lame that we learned - Melbourne is the world's fourth most expensive city. YUCK! If we knew that ahead of time there is a good chance that we would have picked somewhere else. Oh well, we're here now. And it's pretty awesome. Just sayin'.


  1. Posh spice?!
    I felt like that in Paris too. Even the poor people looked 100x better than I did. Bumm er.
    We'll have to go shopping when you get back. Give me some pointers, yo!
    I'm really glad I'm not in Australia right now because the two papers I'm procrastinating on by writing to you would already be due because it's tomorrow there. yay for me.
    boo on cold weather.
    Could my comments be any longer? yeesh.

    p.s. the real reason I am commenting was because that car picture makes me want to hurl. Like, really.

  2. It is really weird being in the future. haha. This morning (fri) we watched Thurs. morning's edition of The Today Show. That was strange.