Thursday, February 3, 2011

We're here!!

We made it! Finally.

We've been here for 4 whole days now.
A really busy bunch of days.

I'll try to do a quick re-cap to get you all caught up.
[P.S. the internet has an upload/download cap. That means I will try not to upload very much until we start school, where there is no cap.]

The flight from LAX to MEL was actually really nice, especially for a 14 hour plane ride. It basically felt like one super long night without much sleep.

Day one was full of jet lag and a loooong nap. It was also really really hot. Almost 100 F. We ran around town for a bit with our landlord and then crashed until the next morning.

Day two was fantastic. We had our first real experience with the tram system when we headed to downtown Melbourne. [it's pronounced Melbin. Just FYI.] We spent most of this day trying to get our bearings while wandering the town. It was pretty hot this day, too.

Day three has probably been Chris' favorite day so far. We went to St. Kilda, one of the nearest beaches.

Palm trees are everywhere. It's amazing. We went to the Royal Botanical Gardens too. We also got ridiculous sunburns. [Did you know that Australia is not only closer to the sun than the U.S., but their ozone is also thinner?]

Today was day four. This was probably my favorite day because I got to buy some amazing sandals and see some amazing stores. [Chanel and Louis Vuitton. What the what? Fantastic.] And the weather didn't suck. It was between 75 and 85 F all day. It even rained in the evening.

We've also had plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes we hate everything and wonder why the heck we're here. Fortunately, this mostly happens when we have to learn something new. [Like our first time on the tram.] Or when we realize that we're not surrounded by people and things that we love. It's pretty hard for us to be out of our comfort zones, but that's why we're here, right? Thank goodness we do spend a fair share of our time loving things.


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  1. That's how we felt in Europe too. We loved it and we hated it. Which is really dumb because come on, you're doing something awesome! But it's not dumb because it can be really frustrating!
    I heard on This American Life that you usually look back on your hardest times most fondly. Probably because they stick out more than the easy times. You'll always remember that one time that you couldn't figure anything out and then you did and then.... wait... what happened after that?

    So, yeah. We all miss you here! And we miss the heat! Send some our way!