Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I really meant to update before our trip to Lorne.
I didn't though.
Sorry 'bout that.
I'll fill you in on what we did before Lorne sometime in the future. It'll be a little rewind session.

Mmmmkay. Let's get to Lorne.
Part of our semester includes a beach orientation to Lorne. [you may remember my mention of this quaint little town in a previous post] The trip is organized by Deakin and includes all of the study abroad students from each of the 3 campuses. We got to meet tons of people from all over the world, most of whom will attend our campus in Burwood. It was pretty sweet to say the least.

It was a three day trip. [not a three hour tour.]

Day one included getting there of course.
[This is how we roll. Literally. Hahaha. I'm so funny.]

We walked to the Uni and then took a 2 hour bus ride [almost a three hour tour] to Lorne. When we arrived there was a little bit of a welcome that mostly included rules and all of that yada yada. The rest of the day was for us to do whatever. We roamed around town and then went to bed early. [Lame? Yes.]

Day two was the wicked busy day.

Breakfast at 7.
Surfing at 8. [I skipped. Ya know how water and I don't get along?]
Sea Kayaking at 10. [That still involves water.]
Lunch at 12.
Hiking at 1. [Chris was too tuckered out and I was too lame to go alone.]
Break at 3.
Dinner at 6.

While Chris partook in surfing and kayaking I wandered the town. Drank coffee. Read books. Bought a scarf. All of those important things.
I guess when I say it was a busy day I mean it could have been a busy day.
We spent the evening relaxing and enjoying our vacation from a vacation.

Day three was today. Loooong day. Mostly just because we were in a bus for most of it.

We woke up early again [that's not supposed to happen on vacation] and hopped on the bus.

In all honesty, it didn't suck that much. We stopped and got out a lot and saw some pretty amazing places. [The Twelve Apostles = pretty amazing.]
Now we're home. Ahhh.

We have registration/orientation on Friday. Hopefully we get all the classes we want and all of that jazz. I'll let you know.

Pictures are more fun than words. Here you go.
[I forgot to mention that my camera has miraculously decided to work. Apparently little blue had some juice left in him. I'm amazed.]

[It says cottages but it's also a Backpacker Hostel.
We climbed a ladder to get to our room.]

[On the way to our shack.
That hill is 20x steeper than it looks.]
[That's the South Pacific ocean.]
[Some of the only seashells.
They were almost all alive, too.]

Listen to this.
These birds are insane.
We were surrounded by them all night.

[They're everywhere.]

Look how they walk!

The Twelve Apostles
[Sandstone pillars that are gradually eroding away because of the ocean's waves.
There are only 8 now.]

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Aw and Koalas!! I love them!! I am just a wee bit jealous!! I am now following you so I can enjoy Australia vicariously through you!
    Have a fabulous day!