Friday, February 18, 2011

Shop 'til You Drop. [or something]

Today I set out to shop. I went all by myself. It was liberating [and a bit boring. Maybe I'm just not meant to be alone.]

I spent $30 and got 6 things. Overall it was kind of a bust. [One of those 6 things was a smoothie. My tram ticket was included too.]

I bought some sweet shoes for $5. They are gold peep-toe flats. I got them at Cotton On and I think that will become my favorite store in the area. [Especially since there is no H&M.]

I also got a pair of sunglasses for $2. You can never have enough sunnies.

I found a tank top for $10. [Boring but necessary.]

Finally, I bought a coin purse that looks like an elephant. $2 and $1 are coinage here. A coin purse was definitely a must. It was only $5 too.

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to head out to get some shorts for our big beach trip on Monday.

I'm still pretty bummed about my camera, especially since we are going to Lorne soon. I guess Chris' camera will become mine. [Don't tell him that though.]


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